Life At Rekomart

Entrepreneurial Spirit, Customer Centricity and Team Synergy are the three cornerstones of our pursuit of excellence at Rekomart.

At Rekomart, we understand that the only sustainable competitive advantage is our team. We strive to create an engaging & inspiring work environment which supports career progression and help create a repository of happy faces.

Some of our people practices are:
Nurture focuses on knowledge & skill enhancement of employees through the following programs:
Sharpen the Saw builds current & future organizational human capability through skill development training.
Mind Share provides a platform for sharing knowledge, experiential learning & best practices.
Brainpick helps improve employee understanding of home shopping industry, latest developments and organisational policies through online and offline quiz.

We believe that excellence is not a destination but a journey of continuous improvement. Impact is a platform which promotes creative thinking & innovation to Improve Methodologies, Processes, Abilities, Customer Satisfaction and TAT.

Health is the greatest wealth. We help our employees preserve this wealth through the following interventions.

Arogya - A Healthy Body, Mind & Soul!
Arogya is a state of mind when the body, mind and soul reaches height of full health and prosperity. Yoga & Meditation classes are held in the office premises to help employees work towards achieving a healthy body, mind and soul.

We Care : "WeCare@Rekomart" is an Employee Assistance Program, a counselling service for the employees to seek expert guidance and advice to help resolve their personal and work related issues. The service assists individuals by providing emotional support via email / in person/telephonic counseling as well as access to specialist advisors.

HealthCare : "HealthCare@Rekomart" gives employees access to free medical consultation in the office by an experienced doctor. A dedicated medical room with all basic amenities is also available

Winning Rekomart :
Our culture of excellence permeates the entire organization, primarily due to our employees and their constant Endeavour to shoot for the stars! We recognize and reward excellence in performance, innovation and team work. Whether you are an individual contributor or a team player, your efforts never go unnoticed.

In The Groove :
We know how to make every occasion memorable. In the groove comprises activities and celebrations which complement the mood of the season. This could range from Sports tournament comprising Cricket, Table tennis and carom competition to Christmas Tree Decoration, Rangoli making, Dandiya, Diwali mela and much more!

Community Building Rekomart
We believe as citizens it is our duty to engage and contribute towards the upliftment of our society. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs are aimed to support in building a better community and a cleaner environment. Our two CSR programs are: