Out Of Box High Quality Gold Body Wax 600gm With 100 Wax Strips Pack

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Product Description

  • Brand : Out of Box
  • Quantity : 1
  • Product type : Body Hair Removal Wax
  • Product Features : Body Hair Removal Wax
  • Others : 100 Wax Strips


High Quality Gold Body Wax 600 Gm With 100 Wax Strips Pack Free Gold Wax Has Anti-inflammatory Properties And Is Made Out Of Ingredients Which Are Friendly To Your Skin. Hence, It Is Now In The Top Priority List Of Women Who Have Always Complained About The Woes Of Waxing. However, It Is Very Difficult To Locate A Spa Or A Salon That Offers Gold Waxing Treatment. ***directions For Use*** Gold Body Wax Is Warmed Up Before Waxing, Especially In Cold Weather. Heated Wax Applies In Thin Layer That Has An Equality Strong Grip To Give Extra Smooth Waxing Keep In Just Boiled Water For 5 Minutes Or Use Wax Heater, Wax Is Ready For Application. apply With A Spatula In The Direction Of Hair Growth, Press Cloth Strip Firmly Over The Wax. then Pull The Strip Swiftly In The Opposite Direction. Hair Will Come Off By The Roots Almost Painlessly, Leaving Arms And Legs Fair And Satin Smooth. ***package Includes*** 1* Gold Hot Wax 600 Gm Wax Strip Pack (100 Strips) Free